Kendo Grid - New Filter Row

The new filters on Kendo grid are rather cool. To upgrade an existing project it was just a case of adding the line (for Kendo MVC in razor)

.Filterable(filtering => filtering.Mode(GridFilterMode.Row).Enabled(true))

See Telerik Demo for an example.

I had my grids defaulting to "Contains" search so the update did break that.
I updated my post on how to fix it at
Kendo Grid - Change default filter to Contains

WARNING! Update: Found out after a few days in production they also fail!
They cant handle it if you have large amounts of data.
The filters are basically autocompletes that use the same Read as the grid but without paging! This means they pull ALL the data and do a distinct on the filters field to show the list.
Fine when you data is less than than the 4mb JSON and browser limits. Mine is far above that so it attempts to send the whole lot which results in the JSON maximum limit errors on the server and the filters end up with a spinning hourglass.
After a few days of discussion with the excellent Telerik support there is a work around.
I post it sometime but you need to change the autocompletes datasource away from the grids so it can use its own read controller. In it you have to filter and distinct the data before passing it back in a manageable size.

If your grid cant handle the data with paging off then the filters will fail and you need to apply the work around.


Above referring to version
Telerik Kendo UI Professional Q2 2016
Telerik UI for ASP.NET MVC Q2 2016

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