Doing a presentation on my experience with using Azure. Details here... Event »

Kendo Grid - New Filter Row

The new filters on Kendo grid are rather cool. To upgrade an existing project it was just a case of adding the line (for Kendo MVC »


I am currently using CQRS and DDD in a project and it’s a great combination. Max Vasilyev did a great talk last night at the »


Added comments

Ghost blogger software doesn't come with comments. Turns out it takes 5 minutes to add it in using Disqus. Its free but does have ads somewhere. »

Kendo Tree - Select and Show

If on the Kendo TreeView you want to select an item and make sure it is visible then you can use the Select() and a ScrollTo( »

Kendo Grid Colour picking

If you want to display a Kendo colour picker within a Kendo grid then it is straight forward enough. This is based on using the Kendo »

Presentation Slides and Demo code

My Github repository contains all the demo code and the presentation slides for those interested. Can be found at slides are »


Doing a presentation on my experience with using the Telerik controls. Details here... »

Azure What do I pay

What you pay for in Azure can be a bit confusion, though the recent changes in terminology actually makes it a lot clearer now. (or maybe »

Kendo Grid Excel Export

Simple to add an excel export to the grids. Just need to added the Excel toolbar then defined the excel details on the grid. .ToolBar(toolBar »

Kendo Grid Selection

Kendo grid support selection of data on them. It can be a single or multiple selection. The following is an extract from my kendo grid helper »